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The Ultimate (less is more) Baby Registry Must Haves

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Anytime I do a consult for a mama to be there are two questions that I answer. Every. Single. Time.

1. When will my baby sleep through the night?

Eh, typically between 8 and 12 weeks depending on your definition of sleeping through the night and how much work you put in. Contact me so I can send you my newborn sleep guide and check out my blog on sleeping through the night.

Then there is this one.

2. What do I actually need?

Great question. With this multi billion dollar baby product industry, the overwhelm of searching online for baby registries and hearing all the advice from your friends, it can be a bit ... let's say, stressful.

After two kids of my own, a 16 year career in the neonatal unit, and 8 years of in home overnight care, I have a solid list of things you absolutely need. Check them out below!


A Safe Place to Sleep

Of course you're going to buy a crib. I can't even recommend one particular crib but I have three rules to follow.

  • Make sure it isn't recalled by the CPSC

  • Make sure it is recent (within the last 2-3 years)

  • Pro tip: buy one that is higher in the back than in the front so when little one decides it's time to crawl out you can turn the crib around to buy yourself a little extra time in the before transitioning to a big kid bed (somewhere around 3 years old)

A PLAYARD the Graco playard is totally fine. You don't need changing tables, extra bassinets, 50 side pockets, mobiles, and definitely don't need a mosquito net. Just a plain old playard is totally fine. You'll use it for containment now and later on for a traveling crib. We just tossed ours, and Lennon is soon to be 3.

I used the Graco but I recently used this one with a family and it was sturdy, and maybe a little more aesthetically pleasing (if that's your thing). DREAM ON ME PLAYARD

A Baby Monitor.

Call me crazy, but I never used a video monitor. They kind of weird me out. So this worked perfectly fine for us. V-TECH BABY MONITOR

The Hatch

In my opinion the best sound machine and light all wrapped in one. And, a really cool rainbow light feature to buy yourself an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning. HATCH


Honestly forget the muslin blankets unless you just want some cute pics. Swaddles are appropriate from day one and won't have you reswaddling all night long. Here are my two favorites. HALO and SWADDLE ME

Wearable Blankets

You'll be ditching the swaddle around 8 to 12 weeks so move into this WEARABLE BLANKET


You'll definitely want a humidifier for winter months to keep dry noses and skin at bay. The INFINITY is my favorite. Plus, it has a spot for essential oils.


Whatever your plans are for feeding, there is no doubt you need some things. Here are the essentials.


A Pump

Don't make the same mistake I did. More than likely your insurance covers this, so definitely check before you buy. In my opinion they all work about the same.

Nipple Cream

This cream by MOTHERLOVE was by far my favorite.

An Extra Set of Pump Supplies

There is going to be a lot of washing and sterilizing and more washing, get yourself an extra set of pump supplies so you can give yourself a little break. Just make sure it's the same brand as your pump.

Sterilizer Bags

We don't own a microwave but holy s*** this is the one time I wish I did. This beats boiling water every time. STERILIZER BAGS



Do yourself a favor and make sure you aren't adding extra bottle parts onto all the pump supplies you are cleaning. These are my favorite bottles for 2 reasons. The majority of babies I have worked with love them and they only have three pieces. COMOTOMO


Bibs are cute but burp cloths are better. You'll be able to catch much more with these CLOTHS and do less clothes changing.

Booster Seat

I'm gonna say it. Highchairs are stupid. It's just an extra thing to trip over and clean. Get this BOOSTER SEAT instead.

EZ PZ Gear

There are a ton of suction cup bowls and plates on the market. This one is the best, it honestly doesn't move. EZ PZ MAT

Drying Rack

This is by far the best DRYING MAT. Even better it turns into an amazing wine glass dryer. It's the ultimate repurpose.


By far the best 2 AM purchase I've ever made in my life. It's like a Keurig for formula. The BABY BREZZA is life.



Believe it or not I used cloth diapers. I thought they were super cute and honestly putting poop in the toilet where it goes seemed so much better to me than throwing it in the garbage to stink up the house. Of course, we kept some disposables on hand for certain situations.

Wink Diapers

These WINK DIAPERS were by far my favorite and leaked the least out of all brands I tried.


There are two types of stink when it comes to cloth diapers. Straight up singe your nose hairs ammonia smell and barnyard. This LYSOL RINSE does the trick.

Two Bags

You'll need (at least) two of these BAGS to hold in the moisture. The best part just empty the diapers and the bag into the washer and done.


I found this CANISTER to be the best for cloth diapers since they have the bags to match it.

Free and Clear Detergent

Don't get too caught up in the detergent you use. If you're rinsing well and staying on top of washes and FREE AND CLEAR detergent will work.

Extra Inserts

You'll definitely want some EXTRA INSERTS for night time diapering. I used 2 when they were little and moved to 3 once they got older.

Water Soluble Cream

You can't use just any diaper cream with cloth diapers because you will end up with residue and have to strip your diapers. ALEVA was my favorite but any water soluble cream will work.

A Bidet

For real, you need this BIDET to spray out all the urine and extra poop before you toss it in your bag to be washed later.



A&D ointment works perfectly fine for those fresh newborn bums.


Plain old DESITIN or any zinc cream is great for older bums.

Diaper Can

I loved this DIAPER CAN because you can purchase both disposable and non-disposable bags. So, once we moved to mainly disposable diapers for night potty training we were able to use the same can.


Frida Baby Medicine Dropper

This little doodad is perfect for administering meds in the middle of the night. When all babies get sick. FRIDA MEDICINE DROPPER


A good touchless THERMOMETER is best for not waking baby up when they are sleeping.


SALINE works better than any bulb syringe. You definitely need a bulb syringe as well, but saline will do the majority of the work when trying to clear little noses.

Bulb syringe

I have not found a single one on the market that actually works. Ask your nurse for one before you leave the hospital.


Wash Cloths

These WASH CLOTHS are my absolute favorite.

Organic Wash

Use a good wash for newborns. They are so prone to eczema and dry skin you definitely don't want to use anything that is going to exacerbate the situation. I like HONEST, MUSTELA, and TUBBY TODD.

Coconut Oil

COCONUT OIL or VASELINE always worked better than any lotion I found. *Important* If you are going to use coconut oil with essential oils such as lavender oil use a carrier oil to oil ratio of 400:1

Hooded Towels

These little HOODED TOWELS are perfect for keeping babies warm while you lotion up and diaper.


Water Mat

This WATER PLAY MAT is so perfect for tummy time and actually keeps babies attention for much longer than I could ever imagine.

Black and White Books

BLACK AND WHITE BOOKS are best for newborn babies.



SLUMBERPOD is the ultimate black out solution. Use code MAKTOSLEEP$20 to get $20 offer your order.

Britax Click Connect

I think the one and only time I ever considered divorcing my husband was when we were both trying to install a car seat. Save yourself the drama and go with BRITAX CLICKTIGHT SYSTEM it's fast and you know your carseat is correctly installed every time.

Travel Noise Machine

The best thing you can do while traveling is create the sleep environment you have at home. Cool, dark, and comfy. Buy this PORTABLE SOUND MACHINE for travel near or far.

Umbrella Stroller

You'll probably be tempted to spend a metric ton of money on a stroller. Yes, you will need something for your infant seat. However, once they can sit up this is the only STROLLER you need.

I know baby registries can be insanely overwhelming. And if you're anything like me being the center of attention isn't number one on your list of fun things to do. The majority of people will give you gift receipts. Keep the tags on things for a couple weeks until you decide if it's truly something you need or want. That way if you decide to take it back it's easy peasy and you can grab yourself something you know need like diapers.

Newborns are my jam connect with me before baby comes so we can set you off on the right foot.

Talk soon!


Disclaimer: Links provided are a part of the Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs. This means I make a commission of any purchases through these links at no cost to you.

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